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The Personal Photos of SGT Lincoln "Ed" Robertson
C Troop, 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron


I want to sincerely thank SGT Ed Robertson who provided the below pictures, and his nephew, Jeff Hanson, who scanned and forwarded them to me. SGT Robertson fought throughout the war as a recon scout with C Troop, 38th CRS, 102nd Cavalry Group. His unit was the first into Paris in August 1944, and was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its decisive defensive battle in the town of Monshau during the Battle of the Bulge. I think the below photos hint at the comarderie and spirit of all the men who fought and won WWII.


SGT Lincoln "Ed" Robertson before shipping overseas, 1943.

SGT Ed Robertson in Summer Class A uniform, 1943.

Recon Jeep armed with .30 cal. machine-gun. Ed (in the passenger seat) driver's last name is Wesnewski,GI in rear was the platoon medic. The picture was taken at the end of the war in Czechoslovakia.

This is a picture of Ed and Sgt. Nicholas Gianuzzi on a bridge they secured on the morning of the 25th August, 1944. The Eifel tower is in the background (shadow visible above woman's head). The woman was just passing by.

This is a picture of Ed, with one of his buddies in Paris on the 25th of August, in the morning. Ed is holding a bottle of wine. The schoolteacher who snapped this photo didn't want Ed's Thompson in the photo, Ed was very nervous that some Germans would hear the commotion and come to investigate, and he would not be able to get to his weapon.

Ed and 1st Lt. William Moseley (Troop C, 3rd platoon, Ed's platoon).Location and date unknown.

C Troop Buddies with Captured Flag. Location and date unknown.

"Gone Fishing"...Czechoslavakia, 1945

Unidentified C Troop Trooper, Paris, 25 August 1944.

Commanders of the 102nd Cavalry Group

This picture (below) was generously provided by Barbra Burke Berntsen whose father was the Executive Officer of the 102nd Cavalry Group, LTC Paul L. Burke. See the links page for the link to her 102nd Group site.


A great post war picture sent to me by Cindy Kirley of her Dad, James Kirkley, F Troop, 38th CRS, 102nd Cavalry Group.  Note the 3rd Army bumper number and the fact that the photo is reversed.  Her note is below the picture.  Thanks Cindy!

Here's the photo (JPG) of my dad (Sgt. James Edward Kirkley) and his tank during World War II.  I don't know where this photo was taken--Europe someplace.  It was provided to me by Richard Coate, who was also in the 38th and 102nd during World War II.  My father was born November 16, 1923 in Deport, Texas.  He died May 4, 1982 in Dallas, Texas.  He is buried at Highland Cemetery in Deport.

James Kirkley was the son of Jeff Cleveland Kirkley and Mattie Jane Cheatham.  Following World War II, he met Jeanette Mae Burger in Riverside, CA and they married in January 1947.  Two daughters: Cynthia Jean Kirkley and Cathryn Sue Kirkley.  His post military career was in banking.

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