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General Contemporary Military and History Writings:

"Tactics Training in Virtual Reality:  The Future of the Armor Advance Course," Armor, January-February, 1995.

"Attacking the Heart and Guts:  Urban Operations Through the Ages," Block by Block, Fort Leavenworth, KS: The CGSC Press, 2004.

Traditions, Changes, and Challenges:  Military Operations and the Middle Eastern City.  Global War on Terrorism, Occasional Paper 1.  Fort Leavenworth, KS:  Combat Studies Institute Press, 2005.

"Losing the Moral Compass:  Torture and Guerre Revolutionnaire in the Algerian War," Parameters, Summer, 2006.

"Urban Operations and Counterinsurgency One in the Same," with George Mordica, Joint Center for Operational Analysis, Quarterly Bulletin, September 2006 .

"Anatomy of a Failed Occupation:  The U.S. Army in the former Confederate States, 1865-1877,"  Institute of Land Warfare Paper, November, 2007.

"The U.S. Army General Staff: Where is It in the Twenty-first Century?"  Managing staff officers in the U.S. army today. Published by the Small Wars Journal.

Cavalry History Related Articles:

"The Army Equestrian Teams, 1912-1948," The Cavalry Journal, 1996.

"Brigadier General Harry D. Chamberlin:  The Cavalry's Greatest Horseman, 1887-1944," Unpublished.

Unpublished History Related Papers:

None at this time.

Book Reviews:


The Philippine War, by Brian Linn


Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903, by Stuart

Creighton Miller


Schoolbooks and Krags by John Gates

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