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Mr. Lou DiMarco retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army in July 2005 after more than 24 years of active service.  He was commissioned as an Armor officer in the US Army from the US Military Academy in 1981.  His military assignments include command and staff positions in armored cavalry squadrons and division, corps and joint forces headquarters.  His civilian education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United States Military Academy , West Point , NY , a Masters in Military Art and Science from the US Army Command and Staff College , Fort Leavenworth Kansas , and a Masters of Arts Degree in International Relations from Salve Regina University , Rhode Island .  He is a Ph.D. candidate at Kansas State University and is writing a dissertation focused on the US Army occupation and military government operations prior to World War II.  Currently Mr. DiMarco is a member of the faculty of the Army Command and Staff College , Fort Leavenworth Kansas where he teaches military history, combined arms tactics, and elective courses on the history of modern urban warfare and modern warfare in the Middle East Mr. DiMarco has authored several key Army doctrinal manuals including FM 3-06, Urban Operations (2002).  Other written projects include an award winning monograph on reconnaissance doctrine in World War II, a contribution to the 2003 Combat Studies Institute publication, Block by Block:  The Challenges of Urban Operations, and the first work in the Combat Studies Institute’s Global War on Terror series entitled Traditions, Changes, and Challenges: Military Operations and the Middle Eastern City (2004).  Mr. DiMarco has presented a variety of lectures on topics relating to urban warfare and counterinsurgency.  His most recent work is an article entitled “Anatomy of a failed Occupation:  The U.S. Army in the former Confederate States, 1865-1877,”  published as a Land Warfare Paper by the Association of the United States Army's Land Warfare Institute, November, 2007.


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