Cavalry Groups

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Click on the below graphics to visit a short history of each of the 13 Cavalry Groups that served in the European theater.  Note that each Group was assigned two cavalry reconnaissance squadrons (CRS).  Although officially not a permanent part of the group in almost all cases these squadrons were commanded by the group throughout the war.

2cav125.gif (8744 bytes)

2nd Cav Grp

2d CRS / 42d CRS

3cav.gif (8129 bytes)

3rd Cav Grp

3d CRS / 43d CRS

4th Cav Grp

4th CRS / 24th CRS

6cav125.jpg (15060 bytes)

6th Cav Grp

6th CRS / 28th CRS

11th Cav Grp

11th CRS / 36th CRS

14cav125.jpg (14990 bytes)

14th Cav Grp

18th CRS / 32d     CRS

15cav125.jpg (14062 bytes)

15th Cav Grp

15 CRS / 17th       CRS

16cav125.jpg (16161 bytes)

16th Cav Grp

16 CRS / 19th         CRS

101ca125.jpg (13252 bytes)

101st Cav Grp

101st CRS / 116th CRS

102ca125.jpg (16016 bytes)

102nd Cav Grp

38th CRS / 102nd CRS

106ca125.jpg (16060 bytes)

106th Cav Grp

106th CRS / 121st CRS 

113ca125.jpg (16984 bytes)

113th Cav Grp

113th CRS / 125th CRS

115ca125.gif (9253 bytes)

115th Cav Grp

104th CRS / 107th CRS ./ 115th CRS*

*  The 115th Cav Group was the last to see action in Europe and other than the 115th, the assignment of the 104th (PANG) and 107th (OHNG) CRS to the group have been documented but exact dates and the permanence of the relationship between these command relationships require further research



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