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PosterIn the first design of the US Armored Division the division consisted of 4 regiments (2 armor, 1 infantry, and 1 artillery). This design was known as the “heavy” division and included an Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB). In 1943 all armored divisions were converted to a “light” design which eliminated the regiments and replaced them with combat commands. This new design reduced the number of tank battalions by half and included redesignating the ARB as Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized). Two divisions, the 2nd and 3rd Armored, remained in the “heavy” organization throughout the war, and their ARBs (the 82nd and 83rd) were not redesignated as cavalry during the war.  Thus each of the Army's armored division had an organic cavalry squadron to do the reconnaissance work for the division.

81st CRS

82nd ARB

83rd ARB

25th CRS

85th CRS

86th CRS

87th CRS

88th CRS

89th CRS

90th CRS


41st CRS

92nd CRS


93rd CRS


94th CRS

23rd CRS


30th CRS


91st CRS


117th CRS


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