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XX Corps Cavalry moving across France Aug/Sep '44

This Website is dedicated to the men who served in the mechanized cavalry units of World War II. Their contribution to victory is little recognized, and even less understood. They were unique in the manner in which they were organized and fought, and served as a distinct link between the nineteenth century horse powered Army, and the modern Army which continues to serve America today.

Last update of this site was on 12/25/2008 .

Still Working on the Site but its coming back on line.  See links above.

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Last update of this site was on 12/25/2008 .

  • 12/24/2008  Finally got the division squadron graphics posted but need a little formatting work to be complete.  

  • 10/19/2008 Updated and fixed graphics issues on the cavalry group pages.  I'm working on fixing the graphics in the doctrine paper.

  • 10/30/2006 I am taking down large portions of the site temporarily as this becomes a subset of my main site.  They will all eventually go back up.  As you can tell by looking at my home page I have been at work on a bunch of other projects over the last several months and though mechanized cavalry is still my passion, it will have to temporarily take a back seat to things to other things that are hotter.

  • One reason that I'm finally updating things is that yahoo final made itself compatible with FrontPage, and so now I can upload changes without spending hours trying to make the two systems work together.  I'm sure there was some easy way to make that happen, but I wasn't smart enough to know what it was.

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