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Mechanized Cavalry Doctrine
In World War II


US Army Command and General Staff College
For Excellence in Military History Writing

This is a project I completed a few years ago, and although it resulted in a Masters Degree, the real motivation for doing it was my own questions about the history of the part of Army that is very special to me -- the Armored Cavalry.

I was interested in questions like how did we go from horses to tanks, and where the cavalry platoon, which is unlike any other in the Army, come from? Other things that intrigued me were questions that still vex the US Army -- should we sneak up on the enemy to get information or should we charge in and take the information commanders need to fight a battle? I thought that by examining in detail how the doctrine of the horse cavalry evolved into the mechanized cavalry, and ultimately, into the doctrine of today's armored cavalry, some of these questions would be answered. I think they were. I also had alot of fun doing it.

This paper is foundation of all the other information on this website because it started me on a road researching the WWII mechanized cavalry which is not yet complete.  

I'm glad that I am able to once again add it to this website.


Lou D.


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